Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Boomf ~ Magical Mallows!

My work is now available in tasty marshmallow form via Boomf!!

Boomf create lovely, squishy marshmallows personalised with your own images. I'd heard about them earlier in the year around Valentine's Day, when I saw their little TV ad, and I thought, 'wow, that's a reaaalllly cute idea!' Since looking into the company more, I discovered they also have a stall at Selfridges in London, and are posting out their little mallows worldwide. So I was blown away to receive an email from them asking if I'd like to collaborate with them - and have my work on marshmallows... Of course I would!!

They were kind enough to send me a few boxes of samples with my work on them, and none of them have been eaten yet because they're way too cute to look at (I've heard hearsay that they're very yummy, though). Here are some photos (most of which I found via Instagram) - you can order your own Boomf here, and my designs are available under the 'messages' section'!

Thanks for stopping by! 

Soph x

Saturday, 6 June 2015

Chester Zoo Sketches

I went to Chester Zoo recently for (what I think was) the first time ever!

It was brilliant. As soon as you enter you get to see a bunch of elephants, and even a baby flump. Once I'd seen that, everything else was really just a bonus! I especially loved the butterfly house - I'd been dying to go to one for a long time, as I used to love going in them on holidays when I was little! It was also great to see Oakfield House, as I enjoyed last year's BBC series 'Our Zoo' maybe a little too much.

But yes. It was a magical day, and want to go again at some point! We were there for eight hours I think and hadn't managed to see it all. We had to rush through the gift shop, which was a shame really as it was BRILLIANT. Of course I managed to buy a small wooden flump (amongst other things) though :) Here's a few sketches from photos I took on the day. Hope you like them! ~

Soph x

Wednesday, 3 June 2015

New Etsy Cards!

Just a quick post to say there's a bunch of new lovely-quality cards now available in my Etsy shop!

Hope you like them :)

Also, I finished this Tweethearts illustration today - I'm thinking I might order some cards of it next time I'm ordering!

 Let me know if there's any designs in particular you'd like to see in my shop - I sell cards on various websites but my Etsy cards are always the best quality and on frame-able watercolour-type paper.

Thanks for stopping by!

Soph x

Monday, 11 May 2015

Nocturnal Animals Project with Class 4!

I was contacted the other day by a lovely primary school teacher named Marion. She was researching artists for her class (Class 4 from Greatstone Primary School in Kent - all age 6 at minute) to study within their 'nocturnal animals' project, and asked if they could ask me some questions about my Nocturnal Animals of the Forest illustration ~

Of course, I was completely flattered and thought it was the cutest idea ever, so I agreed. The questions were brill - they ranged from 'how long have you been drawing?' and 'what were your best lessons at school?' to even more delightful ones; 'are those possums or badgers in your drawing?' and 'how did you draw bats upside down?', which I was more than happy to answer.

Also, to my surprise, they children spent an hour of their day drawing using white pencil on black sugar paper, in my style! I was taken aback by how great their drawings were - I think there's certainly some budding illustrators in Class 4 (thanks again guys, you really made my day!)

I was a little overwhelmed to see they'd even made a display featuring a photo of me and my original artwork. Just lovely! Hope you like the photos :)

Soph x

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Little Update & Some Items of Note in My Studio

Hello lovely blog readers! I hope you're all well?

After being on a bit of a hiatus from blogging, I'm hoping to be updating a lot more from now on. I can now legitimately call myself a full-time freelance illustrator (yes, it's terrifying), and I'm working entirely from home now so there's no excuse to neglect my blog any longer. I stopped freelancing on a regular basis for Hallmark in September last year (I think) due to budget cuts. Since then, I've been lucky enough to find freelance work with a few different companies, and have focused on commissions and selling through my Etsy shop again, which is great (thanks to everyone who has bought things recently - you're the absolute best!). I've had time to work on personal projects too, update my website, and add to my online shops (Redbubble, Society6, Teepublic... the list goes on. They're all amazing companies, keeping me afloat and being lovely about it, too). Even on quiet days with no freelance work, there's always something to do, and the best part about it is that I find it so fun!

Also, I've really felt like blogging more recently. Things feel like they're starting to piece together, and while it's hard at times, I feel so, so lucky that I'm able to be doing what I've wanted for so long - actually be a freelance illustrator. It seems to be working for me at the minute, and that's exciting. I'm currently working on a top-secret project involving a children's book! I wish I could share more about it - it's terribly exciting for me and so difficult to keep quiet about it. Sigh.

Oh well, as an introduction to my new freelancing and oft-blogging self (I even have a daily diary now and can pencil blogging in - this stuff's serious) I've drawn a silly little sketchbook-style illustration of some items of note that reside in my 'studio' (yes, it also doubles as my bedroom for now, but that will be changing soon too. Another top-secret update that I should be able to discuss shortly)...

Hope you like! If you enjoyed this illo, do let me know. Or if there's anything you'd like me to blog about in particular, feel free to leave a little comment :)

Soph x