Thursday, 21 June 2012

Illustration Friday - 'Secret'

Because everybody has a secret, right..? <.<

Today I've been experimenting with printmaking! I did a couple of small lino prints (that I shall blog about soon), and almost by accident tried out mono-printing when I was tidying up. I could quite easily become obsessed with it, I never knew it was so easy and fun to do! I'm a complete beginner at printing so all my work today has turned out a little rough around the edges, but still I am pleased! I was going to use acrylics to paint their creepy little eyes in but to get the picture ready for Illustration Friday, I decided to add them digitally :)

Here are some 'work in progress' images ~

Digital sketches...

Two versions of the print (the pink one was my favourite)...

After adding the eyes to the pink print digitally, I experimented with them a little!...

Hope you like :)

Soph x


  1. Sophie, I have no words to say, because I'm watching this with my mouth open,OOOHHHH!!!!
    but I will try,
    let's see ...
    This image has a dramatic force!

  2. I really like seeing the process you've gone through to create this artwork. I hope you don't mind, I've used it to illustrate my most recent blog post - I liked it so much - and, of course, have credited your work with links back to this post.


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